This option provides you with Safe, Secure and Insured protection for 100% of your initial full purchase price. Rest easy in the knowledge that we will pay you 100% of your full purchase price after 12, 15, 20, or 25 years of ownership (depending on the term as stated in your contract) subject to the terms and conditions as stated in your contract.

This is a 100% insured Program, with a consortium of “A” rated insurers to insure its obligations, subject to all terms, conditions and restrictions of that insurance policy. In simple terms TPI pays the premium at point of sale from its proceeds to ensure the funds are guaranteed. In the unlikely event that the sales company or TPI are no longer in business, your Option is protected and guaranteed by the insurance, and your option will remain in place and available to you under the same terms and conditions.

You will be required to satisfy and comply with any applicable terms and conditions of the Buy Back Option Terms and Conditions.  For instance, during the “Notification Period,” you must inform TPI, of your intent to exercise your Option.  If you do not exercise your Option within the Exercise Period, it will expire, and you will have no further right to exercise your Option. In addition, you may be required to provide the following documentation:

  1. Written verification that you still hold good and clean title to the asset as applicable.
  2. Written verification from your lending institution (if applicable) that all loan payments have been paid in full as of the date the lending institution issued the statement.
  3. Written confirmation from the company that it has not received notice and has no knowledge of any Lien, unpaid taxes, or other assessment or encumbrance, placed, or which may be placed.
  4. If you are a transferee, documentation sufficient to establish that you are a Permitted Transferee as defined in the Buy Back Option Terms and Conditions (family member).
  5. Authorization to TPI to allow them to make these inquiries to confirm full compliance.

That's it, no hidden rules or clauses.

All notifications must be delivered to TPI by registered mail. The address is:

Timeless Protect Inc

2000 Argentia Road

Plaza 1 Suite 301
Mississauga, ON
L5N 1P7

You must submit your “Intent to Exercise Form” within the “Notification Period,” which is defined in your contract.  If you miss the Notification period, you forfeit the right to exercise the money back option and or you will miss that early exercise window.

The Notification Period is the one year period halfway through your term.  For example on a 20 year term it is the time period between your 10th anniversary and your 11th anniversary dates.   If you cannot find this simply let us know and we will confirm your specific notification period.  

If at any time between your Purchase Date, your Notification Date and/or your Closing Date it is determined that you are ninety (90) or more days past due on any fee payments, you will receive a” Delinquency Notice” – on a one-time only basis – from TPI, reminding you that if these fees are not brought up to date within thirty (30) days, your Option will be forfeited.  However, only one Delinquency Notice will be provided, and in the event that you become ninety (90) or more days past due, then you will forfeit your rights under your Option.  Please note these, as applicable, fees are from your point of purchase only, as TPI never charges you any fees of any kind.

At the point of sale, the company you are purchasing with will advise you whether you have the Cash Back or Buy Back Option or not.  You will then get a confirmation and certificate from TPI.  If you have not received this document from TPI but believe you are eligible for the Buy Back Option, you must contact an authorized representative of TPI’s Membership Association Program immediately.  Email us at or call 416-909-3726.

Your TPI Money Back Option can be transferred only to a permitted transferee as determined by the sales company or investment group.  It is your responsibility to contact the sales company to make these arrangements in advance to ensure the person can be registered as a permitted transferee before the sale to ensure the Buy Back Option remains valid.

Your Buy Back Option will automatically terminate upon your sale or transfer of any interest in your program to any person or third party except a Permitted Transferee.  A Permitted Transferee is defined under the Terms and Conditions as a person or group as permitted by the sales company to whom you transfer ownership.  A Permitted Transferee will be entitled to the benefits of your Option.  Your Option is not transferable to any transferee other than a Permitted Transferee.  It is your responsibility to notify TPI of the sale or transfer of any interest in your ownership to a Permitted Transferee within ninety (90) days of the date of transfer.  

Your program may have early exit options, and these are clearly defined in your contract.  There are no other options beyond what you agreed to at the time of your purchase, and you must fill out your notification form in the year long notification period as applicable (for example in year 6 to receive your Buy Back Option in year 12).

Your Buy Back Option will be transferred to your heirs along with the program/investment that it is associated with.  These would be considered a Permitted Transferee and this would be handled by your sales company and TPI on your behalf.

Yes, if you filed for your cash back and when the time comes you decide to wait until the next period or waive your Option, you are free to do so.  TPI will always keep in communication with you regarding your options in each case.

For any and all other questions please feel free to contact us via email at  

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